These are the goals of the East Coast Fisheries Section:

  • Work diligently to ensure good stewardship of American Fisheries.
  • Ensure American fisheries are managed according to stock assessments
    that reflect accurate and current science.
  • Retain access for ALL fishing sectors to our marine resources.
  • Represent the best interest of all east coast fisherman
    and American consumers.
  • Support of current legislation, (HR1584) that will add needed
    flexibility to the Magnuson Stevenson Act.
  • Fund an independent scientific review of the current American
    Red Snapper science. Note: This was accomplished in 2009 when the ECFS commissioned Dr. Frank Hester to review the SEDAR 15 Red Snapper Stock Assessment. Dr. Hester’s Report found SEDAR 15 to be severly flawed. Subsequently the NMFS produced another assessment (SEDAR 24) which had somewhat better results due to the involvement of the ECFS. This resulted in the NMFS announcing that the pending Large Area Closure, which would have prohibited all bottom fishing for 73 species in the Snapper-Grouper Complex would not be necessary as a long term measure to protect red snapper. The ECFS continues to be in the lead producing vital data in the first ever co-operative red snapper tagging program with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.